About Us

About Us

MEDPARKTR Health Tourism Academy is a dynamic, youthful consultancy company specializing in health tourism. We strive to meet the diverse needs and desires of our guests professionally. Our services range from aesthetics and hair transplantation to obesity surgery, heart surgery, cancer screening, and orthopedic care.
We provide access to the most prestigious hospitals, doctors, and exceptional medical care available in Türkiye. We are dedicated to your well-being and support you throughout your health journey.

MEDPARKTR aims to foster synergy by combining the strengths of leading healthcare brands in various fields.
With the motto "Healthcare for all," we bring internationally compatible healthcare services to numerous regions in Turkey. We are a prominent figure in the Turkish healthcare sector, boasting 28 hospitals across the country.
With our global presence and experience in high-quality and affordable treatment abroad while receiving unparalleled personal care in Turkey.